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MessageSujet: [C] XXS   Jeu 03 Fév 2011, 08:10

or XiaoXiaoShow.
Game inspired flash animations running on the net (google: Xiaoxiao, they are very popular) and very faithful to the original (the originals), let's see it all in detail:

First, we run the game, you find yourself immediately in the game, no menu, then right okay.
But where is the enemy? for it was an option mini-map handy, he can change the size (from very small to very large). As we're at it, let's zoom: ex-tra-or-di-nary! There are several types of zoom: have the two fighters on the screen all the time, centered on the player's personal ... and then everything is very fluid!

Another strong point is the customization of the game: you can customize the texture of the characters, you can customize the field, playing on her math class for example (any image can be used in CIP, but too big will terribly slow down the game). Finally there are 3 different Artificial Intelligence: Offensive, Defensive, Still, each IA by reacting Me-controlled IT differently.

Now let the weak points: a few problems with the handling to skip or move, and the widespread use of balls that really makes this game as the combat melee

The notes now:
Now the notes:
28000 bytes is very correct ...
Becomes slower when IT has to manage several balls or more things but that's normal
No crash

Gameplay / Lifespan / Interest
Playability => Handling difficult
=> Good life, yet I never saw him on my TI ^ ^


Very nice!

We can play 2 by link and it's really good!

Final score

Finally, it is a very good game that I recommend! :)

Some screenshots: download link is somewhere inside ^ ^


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